Live your pain in the past

Alfred's Therapy

Pain relief therapy focuses on improving circulation, reducing stress, and recovering from injury. This is usually done by lessening the stress on nerves and reducing pressure from tense muscles on the bones. Pain relief can also improve your movement range as it opens up space around the joints so they can freely move. Improving blood flow can help to treat swollen joints, and reduce swelling caused by arthritis. Treating these types of conditions will improve your quality of life dramatically as it will improve your range of motion and your ability to enjoy a pain-free life.

Alfred’s Therapy offers two main modes of therapy to be of help to its patients/clients:

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage: Mainly used as a means of prevention. Also works to relax the body. When possible or requested by the patient, stretches can be included in Swedish massages that will further improve the mobility of joints.

Medical Massage: This is a combination of different techniques directed to relieve suffering from one or multiple diagnoses. This massage combines very well with therapeutic exercises which are produced strictly on the individual case of the patient and their issue.